Let’s say your current website produces 50 leads per month from average traffic of about 1,000 visitors per month. Not a bad 5% conversion rate. But what if through simple changes to where you send people and what you put in front of them, we can increase that to 6%...or 7%...or 10%? Wouldn’t you want to know you are extracting the maximum results from any advertising investments? That is the essence of Conversion Optimization and that is a discipline we live and die by.

At Empire Sales Strategies, we leave no stone unturned in the quest to increase results, drive more leads and produce ever increasing ROI. We’ve seen already effective websites turn into lead generating machines, simply by engineering the path people follow and improving the mechanics of lead generation. We become your partner, recommending new ways to improve results and providing you the backup to justify our recommendations.

Let us evaluate your current site. We’ll address the basics and provide you with an assessment of what we think is working and what we think we can improve. We’ll work with your current web developer if they’re capable of carrying out our game plan, otherwise, we’ll take control for you. Either way, the mindset shifts from a goal of having a website to the goal of having it produce sales and revenue!