What activities are going to improve your company revenue? What benchmarks and goals do you have for your sales teams?

Individuals cannot be managed by metrics alone, but many businesses have no quantitative standards by which to evaluate performance, improvement, or trends. Accountability systems go beyond simply looking at if a sales rep hit goal at the end of the month. It involves knowing which activities are going to generate results and which items typify top performers. Having metrics based performance reviews and accountability systems in place will help steer your sales team into increased sales.

Most sales professionals thrive with metrics based environment due to their competitive nature. They want to be on top of the leader board. Crushing their numbers gets them excited to go to work. However, there is a fine line between motivating metrics and de-motivating micromanagement.

Let Empire Sales Strategies guide you in determining which metrics to measure, the frequency of reviews, and motivating ways to improve performance with metrics.