Some individuals have natural sales talent and instinctively rise to the top of their sales team. Other sales representatives can be coached and trained to excel. However, everyone from the top performer to those struggling to meet goal can benefit from solid sales training.

You know the common mantra, 20% of sales professionals who attend training come away improved skills and abilities and implement the training they learned. The other 80% do not implement the training and end up continuing to struggle. At Empire Sales Strategies, we take the time to understand your organization and focus the sales training courses to ensure your team receives the maximum benefit possible. In addition, we provide resources to sales reps to ensure the training lasts after the initial session, and teach managers how to hold your team accountable to implementing the new skills they learned.

Combining Sales Training and a regular consistent Coaching leads teams to higher levels of success. Empire Sales Strategies has lead sales training engagements that resulted in revenue increases of over 56% Year-over-Year.

Best-in-Class companies understand that continual training is essential to overall sales success. This is why 82% of those companies have mandatory sales training.*

*Aberdeen Research Group, Peter Ostrow, October 2012.