Before you hire a sales representative, make sure you talk to Empire Sales Strategies. Hiring any employee is an investment, but hiring a member of your sales team can have a huge impact on your business. Making sure you have the right sales professionals on your team is critical to your company’s future and overall success. Business owners may know a lot about their specific industry, but many know very little about how to effectively hire, on-board, and manage a new sales representative.

At Empire Sales Strategies, we help you qualify and find the best sales representatives for your company’s needs. In addition, we help you design and on-boarding process to ensure your new hire has the best chance for success possible. Then we help you design the systems and incentives to make sure your company can retain its top talent. We are not a staffing agency who places a warm body in your organization and then moves on, we help you build a strategy around hiring sales representatives from knowing what you are looking for, interviewing and qualifying, on-boarding, setting goals, and designing incentives.

It typically takes a new sales representative between 6-9 months to become fully productive. A strong onboarding program, established sales process, and realistic expectations can help reduce employee turnover and create an environment where your new hire can drive to the top of the sales leaderboards.