Determining an appropriate price point for your products and services is a science. Before picking a random price point, work with Empire Sales Strategies to analyze competitor pricing, evaluate the economics of your company, and factor in potential retail and distribution opportunities that you might encounter in the future. Starting at the wrong price point can make it very difficult for a company to recover and become profitable.

If you have existing products or services on the market we can help you evaluate your pricing structure to make sure you are not leaving anything on the table. This not only involves comparison shopping, but also includes understanding your customer’s price tolerance and behavior at different price points. Empire Sales Strategies can produce Price Elasticity Reports to help you determine the impact of raising or lowering prices on your bottom line.

Without taking time to develop a calculated pricing strategy you’re simply guessing on a price point. The right price can yield significant profits, while the wrong price can land a company in bankruptcy. Don’t leave this important consideration to chance. Call Empire Sales Strategies today to formulate a plan.